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    Selection of water treatment equipment for swimming pool

    Swimming pool water treatment equipment is applicable to: swimming pool water treatment for competition, swimming pool water treatment for masses, swimming pool water treatment for club community, swimming pool water treatment for star hotels, swimming pool water treatment for villa, water treatment for leisure swimming pool and water treatment for training swimming pool.

    At present, there are many kinds of filtration equipment on the market, but there are mainly three forms: one is pressure type equipment, one is wall mounted equipment, the other is gravity type equipment. The technical characteristics of the three are as follows: 1. The pressure type equipment is usually the traditional sand tank and sand tank. The main problems of this equipment are: ① the machine room occupies a large area and the civil engineering cost is high. The water treatment room of a standard pool usually needs about 120m2-150m2; ② the power consumption is large and the operation cost is high. A main circulating water pump (q = 400) of the water treatment system of the standard pool is provided The power consumption of m3 / h) is usually 30kW ~ 40kW; ③ the filter material is too simple and equipped with dosing and coagulation equipment for effluent effect, which causes serious chemical pollution to water body; ④ many valves, low degree of automation and complex operation; ⑤ metal material with anti-corrosion lining has short service life. 2、 Wall mounted equipment is a kind of equipment which integrates filtration and circulation and is hung on the wall of swimming pool. As there is no need to build a computer room and lay pipelines, if the outdoor pool is affected by the external environment for a long time, it is easy to shorten the service life of the equipment, and the equipment is semi-automatic operation and manual backwash, so it needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly, which is more troublesome; it is suitable for small swimming pools and private swimming pools, with filtering accuracy of 5-15ntu, and no gravity type equipment with high precision. 3、 Gravity equipment is a kind of non pressure equipment. In recent years, the market share of gravity equipment has increased rapidly, which is widely used in various domestic swimming venues. Its main features are: 1) small floor area, three-dimensional combination, aeration and dissolved oxygen technology to keep the water quality fresh and active; 2) low power consumption and low operating cost, single main circulating water pump (q = 70) in a standard pool water treatment system The power consumption of m3 / h) is usually only 2.2kW ~ 3KW; ③ the filter material gradation adopts the inverted filter layer composed of multi-layer filter materials, which does not need to be equipped with dosing and coagulation equipment, so there is no chemical pollution to the pool water; ④ the equipment has no valve, no operation and high degree of automation; ⑤ the whole plastic material, without replacement, has a service life of several times that of the pressure type equipment.

    To sum up, compared with other equipment, gravity equipment has many advantages in technology, operation cost and operation, so it is an ideal choice for many swimming pool water treatment equipment if possible.

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