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    Construction machinery tells you why there are geometric errors in CNC vertical lathe

    For the introduction of CNC lathe, there have been a lot of introduction in the previous articles on the website. Today, the construction machinery will tell you about some problems in the long-term use of CNC vertical lathe in turning, such as inaccurate accuracy, tool calling when machining, inaccurate clamping of hydraulic turret tool, etc., but the thermal error of vertical CNC lathe turning will also occur What's the reason? I'll let you know.

    Causes of thermal error in turning

    The geometric errors of CNC vertical lathe come from the manufacturing defects of machine tools, the matching errors between machine parts, the dynamic and static displacement of machine parts, etc

    When the error of machine tool changes, it is necessary to remake parts, adjust ruler or adjust compensation mechanism. Hardware compensation can not solve the random error and lack of flexibility.

    construction machinery

    Thermal error of machine tool is mainly caused by thermal deformation of machine parts caused by internal and external heat sources such as motor, bearing, transmission parts, hydraulic system, ambient temperature and coolant.

    What Xiaobian wants to say is that the research of NC vertical turning machining error is an important component and development direction in modern mechanical manufacturing, and has become the key technology to improve competitiveness. The generation of error is multifaceted. The analysis and research of thermal error is conducive to improving the turning precision and technical requirements.

    The above CNC vertical lathe during the use of the problem is these, thermal error related analysis, you can also read! The error compensation technology can meet the requirements of high precision and low cost in the actual production of the factory. The thermal error compensation technology can correct the thermal drift error between the spindle (or workpiece) and the cutting tool, improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool, reduce the waste products, increase the production efficiency and economic benefits.

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