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    The emergence of construction machinery promotes the sustainable development of social economy

    There are some problems in construction machinery, which affect its benefits. At the same time, there is a big gap between China's construction machinery technology and foreign countries. Generally speaking, although China's construction machinery technology has made good achievements, there are also some shortcomings. Therefore, we can choose to increase the research and innovation of advanced technology to realize the automation, intelligent and green development of engineering technology, so as to promote its development, realize all aspects of engineering technology, promote the development of mechanical and electrical integration of construction machinery, and then promote the sustainable development of China's social economy.

    1. Development status of Mechanical Engineering Technology

    In this era of rapid development of science and technology, China's mechanical engineering technology has made rapid development, all kinds of machinery and equipment have been put into practical operation, effectively promoting the development of China's social economy. In mechanical engineering, technology is the guarantee for engineering to obtain good benefits. After China's construction machinery entered the 21st century, China's construction machinery industry has achieved large-scale development due to the country's increased infrastructure construction. Various mechanical equipment have also been invented, such as hydraulic excavators, loaders, construction cranes, forklifts, etc., which have effectively promoted our society Will the economic development. Although China's mechanical engineering technology has made great progress, there are still some big problems. The environmental protection performance of mechanical engineering technology is not good enough, and the engineering technology efficiency is not high enough, which affects the efficiency of mechanical engineering. At the same time, there is a big gap between China and foreign countries in mechanical engineering technology. Generally speaking, despite the good results achieved in mechanical engineering in China, there are still some deficiencies. We need to increase research and innovation, constantly improve the advanced and technical content of mechanical engineering technology, and then better serve the mechanical engineering and promote the sustainable development of our social economy.

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    2. Development direction of automation of Mechanical Engineering Technology

    (1) Overview of automation technology in Mechanical Engineering

    The automation technology of mechanical engineering refers to the process of automatic operation and operation of mechanical device by mechanical force according to predetermined procedure method without external force interference. At present, in the mechanical engineering automation technology application, our country has not carried on the very widespread application, the automation level is also relatively low, the development of different fields is not balanced. Through the application of automation technology, mechanical engineering can carry out continuous automatic production of processing objects, realize automatic production, speed up the flow rate of production raw materials, and promote the development of automation in mechanical engineering industry. According to the current national conditions, China's development is in the stage of labor shortage, at the same time, enterprises have a strong demand for product upgrading, and the comprehensive strength and economic level of the country are gradually improved. Based on the above situation, we are fully confident to usher in a new era dominated by the automation technology of mechanical engineering.

    (2) Suggestions on strengthening the automation development direction of Mechanical Engineering Technology

    Strengthen the technical development of supporting mechanical automation. Supporting mechanical automation technology refers to mechanical automation technology. The supporting mechanical equipment has a good auxiliary role to the main mechanical equipment. Therefore, only by strengthening the technical development of supporting mechanical automation can we develop the perfect mechanical engineering automation technology. Specifically, it is necessary to make full use of a number of advanced electronic information technology, so that the machine tool can be under the control of program data, so as to establish a perfect automatic control system and information system. So as to improve the production efficiency and increase the income.

    Promote the development of low-cost mechanical automation technology.

    According to the current situation, there is not enough capital and technology to invest in high-tech and high-cost mechanical automation technology in China. Therefore, the better way is to temporarily invest capital into automation technology with faster effect, less investment, lower cost and wider prospect. There are many similar factories in foreign countries, such as the nokoadata machine factory in Finland, etc. we can learn from our national conditions to develop low-cost automation technology suitable for China's development.

    Pay attention to the training of mechanical engineering automation talents. The development and innovation of mechanical engineering technology still depends on talents. The lack of talents is the main reason for the slow development of mechanical automation technology in China. Specifically, we should take the following measures: first, we should fully communicate with the international advanced technology, introduce advanced technology, and discuss it as a teaching case; we should take the professional knowledge and application ability of mechanical engineering automation technology as the basic conditions for recruiting the front-line workers of mechanical engineering production; At the same time, we should pay attention to the education of mechanical engineering automation to enhance the scientific research strength of our country.

    3. Intelligent development direction of Mechanical Engineering Technology

    (1) Intelligent technology of Mechanical Engineering

    The intelligent technology of mechanical engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering automation technology. Mechanical engineering industry is an application-oriented industry, which needs to combine theory with practice. In the process of production and operation, it will affect the surrounding social ecological environment. Therefore, the process of mechanical engineering needs to be optimized and improved by using intelligent technology. At the same time, advanced intelligent technology can make more reasonable use of resources, improve the quality of products, reduce the adverse impact of product production on the surrounding environment, and improve the production environment of products. Intelligent technology can also improve the production efficiency of mechanical engineering industry and reduce the error

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